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a short summary about us and our music

As you can guess with our name ivories & strings, we like to play piano and guitar. Michi (strings) plays the guitar and sometimes the ukulele. Her preference is to sing romantic songs with meaning and drama, but she also feels a need to contrast these tunes with powerful rock songs to expand her voice and vocal range. She is always a very emotional singer showing feelings with her powerful unique voice.

More of a songwriter and multitalented musician, Fritz is the more creative part of  ivories & strings. He plays not only guitar and piano/accordion - (ivories) -  but also several wind instruments. Fritz’ favourite genre is definitely Austropop which he naturally sings in German.

All the hard times of life, love and fun mixed with a little bit of sarcasm are absorbed and mashed in the lyrics and music of ivories & strings. The combination and intertwining of German and English bring a sense of amusement and empathy to the songs of ivories & strings.

ivories & strings own creations and the interpretations of songs written by Wolfgang Ambros, Georg Danzer, Bob Dylan, Alanis Morissette, P!nk, Anouk und Melissa Etheridge are staple and favourite parts of their set lists.

The meeting of a fellow musician let alone the forming of a band was more miracle than chance. The unconventional combination between piano and guitar forms both their sound and their name. Michi String (guitar player) found Fritz Glaser, who she thought was a guitar player, only to find out that he also played piano. This combination formed the name they chose, the strings of the guitar and the ivories of the piano.

Fritz, however, is thinking of another meaning for ivories – namely dentures. ;-)


ivories & strings will leave it entirely up to you whether you want to picture piano keys and guitar strings or ivory dentures and string panties, when thinking of them.

ivories & strings

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